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Google Ads - help you to drive more subscribers and views to your YouTube channel

Google Ads can help you to drive more subscribers and views to your YouTube channel. Learn to set up, manage, track, and optimize google ad campaigns like a pro with insider tips, hacks, & automation techniques!!

3 Hr

2 days

Sr. Software Engineer at Private firm

What will you learn in this Workshop?

Learn Types of Google Ads

Learn how google ads algorithm works across Search,Display and Video Formats

Learn how to use the algorithm to run successful youtube ads/promotion

10 Paisa YouTube Strategy

Use right strategy to gain more views and quite good number of subscribers using 10 paisa strategy

We help you to gain views for less than INR 0.10 paisa

Complete framework to run ads that give 3x return on Ad Spend

Get the Secret Tricks to capture high quality converting leads

Leverage easy & actionable optimization tips that will get you automatic leads

How to Find high converting keywords

Learn how to discover keywords that are most relevant to your business

Learn the different keyword match types and how they can be used to maximize revenue

How to Spy on competitor keywords

Learn the Free and the Paid way to find out the keywords used by your competitors

Lean how to leverage competitor keywords to benefit your business goals by ethically stealing their customers

How to ensure to Stay on Page 1 of Google ads

Learn the strategies that ensure you stay on Page 1 of the search results

Learn to attract high spending customers on your website to get more business

Who is this workshop for?

Working Professionals

If you are in the digital marketing field and want to master the in-demand skill of digital marketing then this google ads workshop is for you. This skill will help you get high-paying jobs in the top MNCs and Startups you can think of.

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Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

Learn the art of using Google Ads to scale your business beyond your local limits & 3x your current profit. Attend the workshop to know how to run profitable campaigns that get you high return on your investment (ROI).

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Freelancers / Home-Makers

If you�re a freelancer/ homemaker/ want to start your journey in premium freelancing and want to learn one of the highest paying & most in-demand skills of Digital Marketing then this workshop is for you. Learn how to run Google Ads and scale any business from the comfort of your home.

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Meet the mentor


Sr. Software Engineer at Private firm

Hey guys! I'm Vigneshwaran, your co-mentor for this workshop on google ads. I work with Private firm as the Senior Software Engineer where my key role revolves around helping advertisers succeed with their Google Campaigns & maximize ROI.

Previously, I worked with Performics as the Director of Performance/Paid Media. There, I worked closely with Brands like CRED, Zee5, Licious, Disney+, and Airtel, with over a $30-40mn annual budget,

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Youtube Ads

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₹99  ₹1000

Online video advertising lets you reach potential customers where they're watching. Grow your business with YouTube Ads today.

Youtube Ads can speed up the growth of the channel and bring more views and subscribers. It will cost you money but will save you months.

What you get:

In-depth understanding of Google Ads, Keyword research & intent mapping to become a better marketer

Complete guide and tested hacks to write search ad copies that convert

Skills to set up & execute Google Shopping Campaign from scratch

Understanding of multiple types of Google Ads Campaigns to generate high-quality leads

Skills & hacks to measure & optimize marketing performance through Google Ads & Analytics

Best practices for UTM tags, SKAG, & Structuring Google Ad Account

Increase your service offerings as a freelance marketer

Roadmap to shift your career to digital marketing from any industry

Frequently asked questions

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When is the Workshop?
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Would there be any certificate on completion?
Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion of the workshop. You must finish the given assignment to earn your certificate.
When will I receive the bonuses?
You will receive additional bonuses at the end of the workshop.
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